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Harry's Chelsy is high on power list
By Victoria Bone

PRINCE Harry's girlfriend Chelsy Davy has been named as one of the world's most powerful blondes.

Chelsy, 20, dubbed "the new face of royalty", is behind only media mogul Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter of Rupert.

Society magazine Tatler, which compiled the list, said: "At first merely a South African Sloane with Page Three looks, Chelsy soon proved she had two major assets - she looked good and partied hard. A whole new breed has emerged: Chelsy Girls. Girls Aloud on the outside, Debrett's on the inside."

The top 10 also includes tycoon Philip Green's wife Cristina, actress Sienna Miller, the Duke of Westminster's wife Natalia, Carole Bamford - married to JCB boss Sir Anthony - and Irina, wife of Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich.

Rising model Lily Donaldson, 19, is at No 5 while Duran Duran's party-going "cool and enigmatic bombshell", Nick Rhodes, is the list's only male blond.

A Tatler spokeswoman said: "There's nothing dumb about this lot - blonde is the colour of success."


1 Elisabeth Murdoch

2 Chelsy Davy

3 Cristina Green

4 Carole Bamford

5 Lily Donaldson

6 Camilla Parker Bowles

7 Sienna Miller

8 Nick Rhodes

9 Natalia Westminster

10 Irina Abramovich