John Taylor Signature Peavey Guitar

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Earlier this year, Peavey asked me to create a "John Taylor" signature bass guitar. I have been using the same Peavey bass guitar on stage with Duran Duran for several years, and I love their products. A light bulb went off in my head. With my design partner Patty Palazzo, we've had a lot to do with creating the attitude of Juicy Couture For Men, and if we could design a guitar that had the same attitude as the Juicy men's line, that could be something really fresh. So that's what we decided to do.

One the first things we discussed with Juicy was marketing through fashion retail, and Peavey naturally loved this idea. We wanted the guitar to appeal to someone who loves music and maybe has never before owned an electric guitar. They're a bit intimidated by music stores, as I am, but if we were to make this guitar available through fashion retail outlets such as Neiman Marcus, they wouldn't be able to resist.

Next, we heard of a designer named Ted McCann, of Core One Creative, who has been creating fashion oriented state-of-the-art music accessories for the past few years. We met with him and told him what we wanted, a fashion oriented set up to house a beautiful Peavey instrument as if it were a precious artifact found in the middle of a desert tomb. We told him our wish list for a ready-to-play power gift and he got on it right away.

Now the guitar itself: it's a beautiful thing - Peavey make beautiful instruments. The sound and the quality of finish is second to none. For the look of the guitar we took graphic elements from the menswear line and sculpted them into the shape of the guitar's body. We chose woods and metals that best expressed my ideal instrument. I've been playing music a long time, and this is my ultimate dream guitar. We
call the project PEAVEY LIBERATOR.

We were so pleased with how the bass came out we decided to also offer a six string guitar option. There are a lot of guys out there that want to play guitar, and we felt it wouldn't be fair to leave them out. I named the six stringed guitar for the highway that lead from the house I grew up in, into the city of Birmingham, the A435. The bass I named for a rather special year, the J84.

It is important that you can take this instrument home, plug it in and play it straight away, so we built a detachable amplifier into the case. It can be expanded into any external speaker or amplifier that can make it as loud and flexible as you might ever want. Core One Creative made the case so that it not only acts as an amplifier, but as a display stand adding their patented instrument hanger design. We chose a weathered 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' feel for the case's exterior, with symbols and numbers that suggest the guitar has been Imperial booty, laying for years in some dusty Egyptian warehouse. Inside it's a different story. Pink faux fur lining keeps the guitar as safe and secure as a jewel.

This is the deal: you get the guitar, a specially designed amplifier with combo tuner, Bullet Coil cable, picks, a vintage heavily medaled strap, and an accessory bag that your toothbrush would look good in. You're ready to groove!

The custom built case makes this a Special Edition item. It is limited to only 100 numbered and signed 4-string basses, and 100 numbered and signed 6-string guitars.

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