Once and for all – JT's Planet Earth Bass

Dear Katy, I would like to ask Mr. John Taylor what ever happened to the Rickenbocker bass he used in the Planet Earth video? Does he plan to record with his Alembic bass and what type of strings is he currently using? Thank you Bass God for the funky deep end! Very respectfully, Robert

“That Rickenbacker was rented for the day, I never saw it again! I've never used an Alembic, and don't expect to be using one on the new album. I love my Peavey Cirrus that has been my live workhorse this last year, and am enjoying using it in the studio. Other than some acoustic bass here and there all the new material has been recorded on the Cirrus. Yes indeedee- we must all thank God for the deep bass end- amen to that. JT”

John, what is the bass you used in the Planet Earth video?Den

"jeez, how many times have I answered questions about this bass!..Twas a Rickenbacker, twas a rental, and I never saw it again after the day we filmed the 'Planet Earth' video-J"