Nick's Core Sounds

For Nick- Since technology has changed dramatically over the years and the others in the band have switched their live gear I was wondering if you have manipulated your sounds in any way? Are the sounds we hear on the live CD true original sounds? I can hear subtle differences now in Careless Memories and Wild Boys for instance. Have you changed the sounds or is there a 'core sound' and you play differently each night? Keep going, you rock and we love you. Neil

”Well Neil, it is a constantly evolving process. I have, in fact, sampled many of the original sounds from the original instruments as it was no longer practical to take some of them on the road. I am also using the best digital technology available, which is much more reliable for live performance. There are 2 Roland V Synths in my current rig – one of which controls a sampler with banks of the original sounds. NR”