My Own Way Live

Ask Katy

John, This past week I had the pleasure of seeing you guys right here at home in Greenville, SC - which was a thrill!  An even bigger thrill was to hear Some Like it Hot and My Own Way - two songs I NEVER thought I would hear played live.

So, I was wondering what the thought process was behind adding them to the set list, and what has it been like to play them live?


"Oh that's a long story that is! it was Nick's idea to bring SLIH into the show. Once he had set my imagination running on how we could play it (we had made the mistake before of trying to copy the Power Station- this time we said, 'do it like Duran') I obsessed about it for weeks. I heard 'My Own Way' at a party in LA and thought 'That sounds pretty good' (the album cut, not the single), and even though it had been the one DD song of which we had all said 'NEVER!".. I suggested that since the groove and tempo were so similar, we could try out a medley idea. In truth SLB was never really comfortable singing it (MOW, not SLIH) so it's doubtful we shall ever play it quite like that again. Glad you enjoyed it. JT"