MSG Drummers

Nick, In 2004, you answered my question about your first show at Madison Square Garden. I'd like you to travel forward three years to a performance at the same venue on the Strange Behaviour tour. I know Erasure opened for you, but more memorable for me was the drummers who came onstage just prior to your performance. What do you remember about them, and how did that whole thing come about? That era of Duran Duran's music was a conduit for my teenage education in funk and soul music, which rewarded me with James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Funkadelic and many Stax/Motown artists that have been a part of my personal soundtrack ever since. Thanks, Crispin

”Of course I remember the Drummers. And I also remember it was John's "baby." John and I have a tendency to almost dare each other when it comes to ridiculous and impractical ideas. So when he first mentioned it, I rose to the occasion and said ‘Yes, of course, let’s fill Madison Square Gardens with drummers!” I seem to recall it was fairly spectacular. Glad to hear it left its mark with you somewhere. Sounds as though your record collection is coming along– you got some mighty fine product there. NR”