Ask Katy

John, I am thrilled that Duran Duran is back together. Anyway, I really do enjoy your solo music and lately can't get enough of 'Retreat Into Art' - an amazing CD. I love ‘Immortal', it's my favorite of all your solo work. Do you miss playing your own music? And is there any chance that down the line, Duran Duran may do what groups like New Edition have done where the members branched off to do solo work. Let each member perform a few of their own songs and then perform as a whole. Would love to hear some solo JT and AT stuff on the road. Love and thanks for the music, Tarcia

”I doubt very much if DD will ever perform a show like that, we are competitive enough with each other as it is! I don't honestly know if I will ever get back to singing or writing for myself again, I'm so focused on the new DD songs, I don't even want to think about it. The solo stuff I did do was very important for me however, it helped me back to DD with a renewed sense of purpose, particularly when it comes to just 'playing the fucking bass, John..' But I'm glad you are enjoying the music, 'Immortal' is one of the best, I think. Love, John”