Genesis of Save a Prayer

Ask Katy

Hello, Did Nick give John a chord direction for the verse/chorus of Save A Prayer? By Nick playing chords on the keyboard...or a left handed bass line of his own on the keyboard? OR did Nick just play the right handed arpegios and riffs, looking to John to give the chords by choosing the bass notes himself with his bass part? Or maybe it was Andy who came up with chords for part of the song? I'm ASSUMING the vocal melody is entirely Simon's? Roy

”The genesis of “Save a Prayer” began with a sequencer and an echo unit. I was alone in our rehearsal room figuring out how some new gear worked and programmed the verse sequencer as something to experiment with. After a few minutes I realized that it was, actually, quite infectious and so started to play OVER the sequencer and found the main synthesizer theme which fit perfectly. At this stage, Andy arrived and began to structure chords with what I had. Slowly as the rest of the band came to the studio, the song was built, but each person (which is often the case with us) added their unique part to the song, contributing to the whole. I think it would be fair to say it is as good as an example as any Duran Duran song of where we each came up with our individual parts, while very much working towards making a perfect, complete song. NR”