Hey Katy and Band - it was announced that after 42 years that TOP OF THE POPs is going off the air. Since this show was such a big part of your history, how do you feel about it? Thanks, Mikey

“I can’t help but be a little saddened by the final demise of TOP OF THE POPS. It had become a real institution here in the UK, long before we ever made records. I grew up in the 70s watching extraordinary performances from artists like David Bowie, Roxy Music, Sparks and Cockney Rebel - and we all endured the ever changing dance troops from Pan’s People onwards. In 1980 when we were about to release out first single, PLANET EARTH, I clearly remember our excitement and sense of achievement when we were told that we were going to perform on TOTPs. Arriving at the BBC for the first time and discovering the Studio and the Dressing Rooms (thankfully refurbished now), was a real thrill for us all. Through the history of the programme most great British artists and many international performers have appeared on the show. From its humble beginnings, through some appalling set designs, with bands having to rise to the challenge of modern TV and competition, TOP OF THE POPs was always entertaining. Their archive will live on forever and is an unparalleled document of the evolution of pop music. NR"