Before Show Music Selections

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, hope you're well. Would it be possible to have a track-listing for the music that was played at the UK December shows before and after the band were on stage? I thought the music was just perfect for setting the mood for what was about to come, and I'd love to know what it was so I can download it and enjoy it again. Some of it was completely new to my ears, and some sounded familiar as if it's been sampled recently by DJs. I'm surprised at the amount of gigs I've been to, where the artist doesn't bother to utilise the time they have with the crowd before they appear on stage. A big nod of approval in the direction of whoever chose the music!

Thanks a lot, and all the best for 2006 -
Samantha, Manchester UK

"Well.. You're going to have to wait for 'Only After Dark', the compilation CD Nick and I have produced that is coming out on EMI this spring. We will keep you updated on the website as to the actual release date. The symphonic music that was played as the lights went down is by Walter Wendy Carlos, and it's a piece by Beethoven that was recorded for the movie 'A Clockwork Orange'. JT"