A Message from Katy…

Ask Katy

First I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the emails of support you’ve sent to the band. There were so many, my email mailbox nearly shut down. The band appreciates everyone who took the time to send a note, so thank you.

Unfortunately, with the band’s association with Andy ending, mine association with Andy does as well. I am not able to pass along emails to Andy at this time.

In addition, we’ve let the Message Board be your forum to express yourself about this situation, good or bad. However, I am going to ask that you refrain from sending vitriolic emails to either me or the band via the ASK KATY email address. Besides not being the function of the ASK KATY section, I certainly wouldn’t pass along judgmental rants that have no basis in truth or reality. Again, you are free to express yourself on the Board, but please leave me out of it.