Urban Legend?

Ask Katy

Hello Katy, please please please ask Simon if the following story is true! Someone told me this story today, they heard it on the radio right after the Athens concert. There are many people in the forum who want to know (including myself, of course!)

I was told that at the same place where the after-concert party in Athens was held, there was also a wedding party going on in the next room. Simon heard the greek music and stuff and wanted to check it out, so they all went to the party. The bride (which was a big DD fan) was dancing and suddenly she turns around and sees Simon right next to her! She faints while he tries to help her. When she comes around she says this is the best wedding present. IS IT TRUE????? Lia

"Not really true. I did go to dinner at a great place the previous night and there was a wedding party going on in a private room which we visited. But there was no dancing or fainting. s"