Tatler Photos

Hi Katy - question for Nick

Knowing you are a photographer I checked out the Tatler issue with the celeb portraits you shot - which are fantastic. In the photo of yourself you hold a Contax T3 - did you use this camera for the shoot or something a little larger like the Contax 645! If so was it film or a digital back? Regards, Philip, Photographer + closet keyboardist

"All the photos printed in TATLER were actually taken on a Hasselblad with a digital back. Whilst I am generally a purist about real film, this particular set up worked perfectly for the task at hand, because I had very limited time with each subject - and in fact, photographed over 100 different set ups in a five hour period. Fortunately the Hasselblad does have the most beautiful lenses and it was twenty two mega pixels, so we are approaching the square version of a dot. I did however use the Contax T 3 to take some Black and White snaps at the same event. NR"