Source of Sequences

This is a question for Nick. At Duran Duran shows,when we hear pre-recorded music sequences (e.g., the arpeggios behind Hungry Like the Wolf and Rio, the backing "freeze/rock" vocals on White Lines, etc.),what's the source of those sequences? Are they coming from your Mac? If so, are you using Pro Tools to play them back, and were they sampled from the original recordings? If not, are they coming from a tape or Minidisc, or are they MIDI sequences played back on your vintage synthesizers? Tell us all about it! Nathan

”Any sequences are generated by the Mac. They are samples I made from the original recordings or fairly precise re-creations. I often trigger them from keyboard or play samples live but obviously the actual sequencers and arpeggios are run with a click track so that me or Roger can keep perfect time with them. NR”