Roger the Remixer

Ask Katy

Katy,Please pass this along to Roger... Roger, I know you've been involved in producing dance music in recent years.  Do you yourself have plans to remix any of the songs from Astronaut for club play?  I think a remixed Point of No Return would make a great track for the deep house clubs.  I would love to be in one of NYC's underground clubs at 3am and hear one of your remixes!  🙂 Also, do you plan to (when not busy with DD, of course) on your own label? Have a great tour! Thanks, Robin

"Robin, thanks for the question....I would love to re-mix some of the songs on Astronaut (if time permits) and maybe it's something I could do as a 'project' once things slow down a little...but for the time being we generally like to bring in people that are at the top of their game and right on the cutting edge i.e Jason Nevins and Eric Prydz to name two guys that are doing an amazing job for us....and yes I would love to get back to dance music again one day but life is far to busy and fulfilling with DD to consider it right now...RT"