Ask Katy

Hi Katy, I was looking at the BBC Radio gallery of their gig earlier this month, and there is a picture of Nick playing away and on his Mac it says OUCH!!.  Did his precious assistant get hurt in some way? Thanks! Chris


NICK SAYS "I am not a great fan of bumper stickers at the best of times and hadn't noticed any such deviant sticky backed notice applied to the surface of my divinely perfect Mac. I can only imagine that was either to cover up a logo as many networks do not like advertising or a crew joke in particularly poor taste. Happily I can inform you that the Mac has been restored to its former beauty and in future I shall keep a close eye out for interference. Nick"

**"Katy sent me the picture of the OUCH that was posted. You were all right. Mr. Tinley dented my beloved Mac and "ouched" it in order to be humourous. However, it wasn't funny to me!"