More Video Gals

Hi Katy!
I have a collection of VHS tapes that contain all Duran Duran/Power Station/Arcadia videos, and I noted several times that the actresses cast for the videos look very similar.  I am inquiring about several, and I understand you are very busy, so let me thank you for your time in advance and let you know that I, as a fan, appreciate everything that you do for us and the band!   So, here goes:
Same actress in Lonely In Your Nightmare and Save A Prayer? (brunette)
"yes, well spotted. her name was vanya"
In Careless Memories and Girls on Film? (brunette)
"no, not the same girl"
In I Don't Want Your Love and Bang A Gong? (blond)
In Violence of Summer and Serious? (blond/wig)
"one girl was in both of those vids - Tess Daly - and she now has loads of TV shows on in the UK"
Thanks Katy!DD4-EVR, nurseduran

"On average you seem to be even! The Band"