In the 'phones

Ask Katy

Hi Katy. This question is for Roger.

G'day Roger! Being a drummer myself, I have followed your career with DD for many years. From what I have seen in pics and footage of live performances as well as seeing you live in Melbourne Australia Dec 2003, you have always worn headphones whilst playing live on stage.

Are these headphones being used as stage monitors, hearing protection, or if it is a click track, where is it coming from and what are you hearing? Is Nick and the IMac controlling the timing of each song?

Hope to see you and the guys in Australia soon!

Cheers, Antony Melbourne Australia

"Antony - the first ever review of a Duran Duran concert at the Rum Runner in Birmingham in 1980 said "this band are
so bad that the drummer has to wear industrial ear muffs to keep out the sound!"...this is in fact not the case , I listen to a metronomic click that is hooked up to Nicks rhythmic synth parts that are coming from his keyboards or being triggered from the hardrive in his i Mac. G'day, Roger"