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Jennifer Lopez's 'Rebirth' Leads Off March DualDisc Releases

NEW YORK, Feb. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, EMI Music and 5.1 Entertainment Group today announced the next collection of DualDisc releases scheduled to hit store beginning in March. On March 1, Jennifer Lopez's new album, "Rebirth," and Judas Priest's "Angel of Retribution," lead off the new DualDisc releases. These titles add to the growing catalog of DualDiscs being released by major record companies throughout the year.
DualDiscs are a new entertainment product which combines music, film and video on a single, two-sided disc. The first side of every DualDisc contains a full-length audio album while the DVD side features a wide range of exclusive content such as the same album in enhanced sound (such as 5.1 Surround Sound or enhanced LPCM stereo), music videos, interviews, photo galleries, web links, concert footage, lyrics and more. DualDiscs play on existing CD and DVD hardware devices such as DVD players, car stereos, PCs, game consoles and CD players.

"DualDiscs add new meaning and value to the experience of purchasing music," said Fred Fox, Executive Vice President of Merchandising and Marketing for Trans World Entertainment Corporation, one of the largest specialty music and video retailers in the United States. "It's a win-win situation for the consumer, and the music industry. It's a tremendous value for the entertainment dollar."

Among the DualDisc titles slated for release in March of 2005 are:

* Chevelle, "This Type Of Thinking (Could Do Us In)"
* Crossfade, "Crossfade"
* Duran Duran, "Astronaut"
* Dishwalla "Opaline"
* Fleetwood Mac, "Live at the BBC"
* Good Charlotte, "Chronicles Of Life And Death"
* Gretchen Wilson, "Here For The Party"
* Indigo Girls, "All That We Let In"
* Jane Monheit, "In the Sun"
* Jennifer Lopez, "Rebirth"
* Jessica Simpson, "In This Skin"
* Judas Priest, "Angels of Retribution"
* Lamb of God, "Ashes Of The Wake"
* MercyMe, "Undone"
* Nellie McKay, "Get Away From Me"
* Slaughter, "Then and Now"
* Stray Cats, "Rockabilly Blues"
* The Academyof St. James"Bach Brandenberg Concertos"
* The Pentangle, "Basket of Light"
* Utah Symphony Orchestra (conducted by Maurice Abravanal),
* Utopia, "Live at KSAN"
* Various Artists, " The British Are Coming"

By capitalizing on the overwhelming popularity of DVD music videos, which have grown exponentially over the course of the past three years, DualDisc meets consumer demand for greater versatility and value in entertainment products. At the same time, this new product provides artists with an innovative avenue for creative expression while providing consumers with a fresh way to connect with the artists they love.

All of the major recording companies including SONY BMG, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and EMI, as well as independent companies such as 5.1 Entertainment/Silverline Records, are developing DualDiscs for the music consumer.