Drum Times have Changed!

Ask Katy

Hello Katy, A fan since the early 80's- first of all, I love the
new cd!!  What a joy to have you. This question is for Roger, please... Admittedly, I have an un-trained" ear when it comes to music. However, it seems you sound differently while playing original versions than you do playing those
same versions now. Somehow less echo-y (for lack of a better term) Has there been a change in the drums themselves? A method of drumming you're now using? Or are my ears just playing the cd's too loud?? Thanks so much. Forever ~RogRfan

"....yes there has been a change in both live and recording technology, there is a trend now for drum sounds to be 'dryer' these days i.e less reverb or 'echo' to your ears, so the drum sounds you hear are a little different but I play the oldies exactly as they were always played..... with two hands, two feet and two lumps of wood.....boosh! RT"