Dean Chamberlin

Ask Katy

This is for Nick and Simon, I love the art work you used on Ordinary world, done by Dean Chamberlain. I see that you also did some photography with him (The Gaudi Park shot), were exactly is Gaudi Park? and would you consider working with Dean again in the future? David Brighton

”Dean is indeed a remarkable photographer who has a truly unique style. We first worked with Dean in 1985 on the Arcadia project, which is where we intended to make a book of the photos which never quite surfaced. Dean shot over 150 different set ups, several of which were done at the Gaudi Park in Barcelona, Spain. He also created a video for the Arcadia song MISSING and later worked with Duran Duran on still photos and made the video for ALL SHE WANTS IS. Aside from the still on the cover for the single of Ordinary World, Dean also created footage for the video. We certainly hope to work with him in the future – he is preparing a book for publication later on this year. NR”