Beautiful Colours Influenced by…

Hi Katy.  I know Simon avoids quantifying his lyrics so that folks can pin them down to one set meaning, however, my question may be loosely focused enough for him to answer.

When composing Beautiful Colours was Simon at all influenced by fractals?  For anyone reading this who's not been introduced to them, fractals (in my understanding) are computer-generated patterns that can represent mathematical concepts in an infinite branching and merging pattern.  They are a thing of beauty and one could possibly see in them a cohesive system of  life's symmetry.  Trying not to be overly wordy, but check out Arthur C. Clarke's tv special on them & you'll see the picture to which my thousand words cannot do justice.

Thanks for being our window on the band, Katy. Larissa (Ris)

"Hi. Beautiful Colours only exists as a draft version i.e. there is no proper lyric. s"