Andy's Telecaster

Ask Katy

Andy - fantastic fretwork! I've seen you live so many times and am always amazed...when did the Telecaster become your main guitar? Thanks for everything, Abe.

"Fantastic Fretwork, now that could be an album title... Telecaster as a main guitar. What happened was that during my extended vacation of 1997-2002 I started playing a 50 year re-issue model, which was new. Not having to do any actual touring over that 5 year period, I simply started playing that tele at home bacause it felt nice, and had a 1-off ring to it that was often only found in vintage guitars. For touring I refitted it with stacked Seymors, and that gave it the extra wallop for gigging and they are a light guitar to handle. But there was also 1 night when I was at the late Robert Palmer's house in Switzerland, this was sometime around 1996, and we were jamming whatever, and Robert, who was a "suffer no fools type of guy" said to me " that's the best I've heard a telecaster sound for years" The compliment stuck... AT"