Thoughts of Hong Kong

Ask Katy

Just seen the pics of you guys doing promo in Hong Kong, and you look like you're having a lot of fun! I've always loved the islands and was wondering what your impressions of the place were... When was the last time you visited Hong Kong? Have you found it has changed much in the 7 years since it reverted to Chinese rule? Sarah

"It's hard to form any deep impression, being in HK for about 36 hours only. Also, we stayed on Kowloon for the first time. I guess I would say that not too much has changed. Perhaps a little less evidence of the Queen and the British Empire. The island is certainly thriving and the food.. ah! Nick said he thought the food the best we had anywhere on our travels, and I would not disagree. The architecture is obviously, stunning. There really is nowhere like it, and just thinking about it, as I write this, I'm looking forward to our next visit, playing a concert there sometime in '05. JT"