simon's pendant

Ask Katy

Katy, A few of us have noticed that Simon has been sportin' a new pendant around his neck recently (looks like tigers eye, or coloured glass). I have always enjoyed his neck jewelery as it seems that he tends to gravitate toward pendants, etc, that are more than just jewelery; but that have some significance in some way.

I don't need to know the significance; but what IS the pendant? And if he's feeling generous; how might he have come about it? (unless that betrays the significance, of course *grin*) Many thanks, Laura


Interesting, I am walking up to Richmond park on a damp December morning. The sky is overcast and grey, heavy with rain not yet begun to fall. Off to my left, high up in the beeches something startles the crows, they rise then scatter - like dark leaves. At the same time something splashes down into a puddle in front of me and through the muddy water I see the half embedded edge of metal. I reach down and pick it up, wiping off the dirt. It's like nothing I've ever seen on before; a pale disc, a little too heavy for it's small size, smooth and curved on one side, strange material shapes on the reverse. And right there in front of my eyes as I'm holding it, it glows red once and then goes dull and noticeably lighter. I wait and study the strange object for maybe five minutes, but it doesn't change again. I slip it into the pocket of my track-pants as I move off into the woods.

Ask me again in a couple of weeks; it's coming up for it's one year anniversary. s"