Shadows Live

Ask Katy

This is for Nick:I had the chance to see  performances both in japan and england, and of course  it was great to hear the never-played-before "tiger tiger", and songs like "nightboat"  which the band hadn't been playing for a very long time. What I personally really like to hear would be "shadows on your side", being one of my favourites on 7&R album, which isn't on Nick's list, even if I'm quite sure they never played it live! So why it is not on the list?  Already planned to be played? :-))  Thank you! Stefano -Milan-

"Hi Stefano, you are absolutely right, we have never played "Shadows are on your Side" live. However, we did come very close on the last UK tour, we just ran out of time and never rehearsed it. but think we will get there eventually because John and I are both keen to see how it sounds."