roger can fly

Hi Roger, i read and heard that you hate to fly. Now is my question; do you still hate to fly or do you like to fly now? If you like it now, how did you overcome your hate about it. I ask this, because i hate(and i'm a little afraid) to fly and in a couple of days im going on holiday by plane, so maybe you can give me some good advice to overcome this. Thanks Monique

"Monique you have probabally taken your flight by now (I hope it went well)  but I will answer your question anyway. I did go through a period where I disliked flying for a while but I think this is because I had taken so many flights over a short period of time that I began to dread the thought of getting on aeroplanes but I actually enjoy flying now although very small planes do bug me especially if the weather's a bit rough,but I always reassure myself by telling myself that statistacally I'm more likely to come to a sticky end in the car on the way to the airport that on the Aeroplane. Still here after 5677.00 flights! RT"