rock jam

I am Mark from Malta. I don't know if I'm making a good judgement or not, but the beginning of 'I Don't Want Your Love' that Duran Duran are playing live right now sounds like 'She Can Rock It' by The Power Station. Am I right? Also I would like to thank John and Nick for giving importance to one of the smallest countries in the world and spared sometime before the concert of the 14th April and gave an interview to a friend of mine that works as a DJ on a local radio station. We were a group of 50, and according to Nick that's a good percentage considering were we are from. (So that makes me one of the best Duran Duran fans around the world considering the collection I have!!) I attended the 13th of April show as well, VIP package and I have to congratulate all the band for such wonderful shows they put on. I really enjoyed them. Hope that next year I would be able to attend again when they start another World Tour. Unfortunately I wasn't able to meet the band but the fact that I was at the front of the stage, was a dream fulfilled.

"No- you're off there! We are actually playing a rock jam based around the 'I Don't want Your Love' groove..
John "