Nick-Richard from Japan

Hi, Saw Duran both nights at Wembley for the 5th and 6th time and was left speechless. Having read comments from Roger that the band are in it for the long run now, now seems the opportune time to ask these questions i have harboured for a couple of years.

I would assume that Nick at some stage in his career has met Richard Barbieri (ex Japan keys), who has been playing keys in Porcupine Tree since 1993. I am a massive PT fan, been there since 1993, have all their releases and seen them loads.

Question 1) What does Nick think of PT and the awesome talent of Mr. Steven Wilson?

Question 2) Given that Duran and PT have the same views on an ailing music industry and have the 80's link, any chance of some sort of collaboration, swap keyboard players for some live shows or recordings? Even Nick getting involved with PT's idea for making a film of their next album, which apparently has been written as potential script for a film.

Question 3) How about Steven Wilson producing some Duran material?

Yours truly. Shaun

""Shaun, I did meet Richard way back when JAPAN were recording the "Gentleman take Polaroids" album and we were working in the same Studio. However, can't say that I have seen him since, I liked his work back then, but am not familiar Porcupine Tree (great name) but I guess I will have to try and get back to you on this one if I get a chance to listen to them. As for Steve Wilson, we have no plans to work with him. NR"