low & slow

Hello Katy! I have a question for any one of the guys to answer. Looking back in some of my old scrapbooks, I found a note to myself about the "newest" Duran Duran album that was supposed to be called "Low And Slow." I don't know if this name was ever actually considered during the process of making an album or if it was a rumor, but if it was a name that was ever considered, what album did it eventually become? Cheers to all of the Fab Five.......Patti from Arlington TX

“Geeze Patti, I do seem to remember that being suggested for SOMETHING, but can’t imagine how it ever leaked out. Very thankful it never made it as a title. Got a feeling it may have been a possibility for the “Big Thing” album. If not that, it must have been under consideration for “the Wedding Album.” NR”

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