JT's thoughts on Sydney

Dear Katy, I went to all the band's gigs in Sydney last year. Last year was truly exciting for all Durannies. Thanks for 3 memorable nights in Sydney and for dedicating Ordinary World to Michael Hutchence- we all miss him, INXS has never been the same without him. My question is for John, the architecture buff: Compared to the last time you were in Sydney, what, in your mind, stands out as the most outstanding physical change in the urban fabric? Thanks, SimLo

" Aw gee.. that's tough. My perspective has changed so much since I last visited Sydney. Staying down on the Rocks, under the bridge, as opposed to the Sebel Town House, up near Kings Cross. What a difference!! Instead of bars and porn shops, the deep blue bay and the green of the surrounding headland. The air! Ah.. it's beautiful down there! One thing had not changed. I loved Sydney the first time I went there, and I love it now. G'day Mateys!! JT"