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Ask Katy

Hey Katy, this one's for John: As he is a huge Beatles fan, I wonder what he thinks of Paul McCartney's decision last year when he changed the credits for some of the Beatles song into McArtney/Lennon while the original credits were printed in the other order, causing quite some unrest among the fans (and apparantly even Ringo Starr). In contrast I can remember having read that John once said DD never give out individual credits as for who wrote what song, referring to a question if he came up with the idea for Drowning Man (btw of which I'm still convinced he did write!).
Geoffrey Belgium, Europe

"As far as 'Yesterday' is concerned, Paul can have it! I never liked the song and I don't believe that John did either. The 'Let it Be' reissue? Well, it's typical of the exploitative nature of the industry. If I could, there are a couple of albums I've worked on that I would re-arrange or re-mix if I could. I don't blame Macca for that. Finally, the lesson is. Regarding history. He who survives, gets to write it. John"