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Ask Katy

Hello Katy, I have a question for Nick. Having collected Duran Duran music for many years I was always a little disappointed not to find Medazzaland & Pop Trash on vinyl. But then dismissed it as a sign of the times. But now with the reunion album on the way of the original five, it would seem more fitting for a vinyl release as well as CD. Will you guys pressure the record companies to release on vinyl? They sound so much better. Good luck with finishing the album. Love you guys heaps! Jade in New Zealand

“As you may know, Epic has released the ASTRONAUT on vinyl as of September 28th. I would love to make both of the above mentioned albums available as well. Unfortunately, they are in a state of limbo at present However, when we get round to re-releasing them, I will certainly try and remember to press some vinyl. Nick”