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Artist / Band:  Duran Duran
Record Label:  Epic Records
Release Date:  October 12, 2004

Our Review:
There's plenty of reason to be suspicious of a Duran Duran reunion album. The original lineup hasn't recorded together in 18 years. Producer Nile Rogers got bumped off for trendier names like Dallas Austin and Don Gilmore. And the new songs the band played at concerts over the least year...well, they stank. But whatever happened in the studio makes the comeback totally worth it. Astronaut takes a few songs to warm up, but by the time the band hits naughty dance-floor fillers like "Bedroom Toys" and "Taste the Summer," it feels like 1983 all over again. Lead singer Simon LeBon is present in all his flamboyant glory, and the guitars keep up. Plus, it's cheaper than a time machine.
Our grade:A-