D'ya think…

I went to 2 concerts in the UK in April, & was completely blown away that my teenage heroes were still just that!

My question really is aimed at John - at the Cardiff concert, as the band members were introduced near the end of the show, a different riff was played for each one. When it was time to introduce Simon, you all broke into "Do You Think I'm Sexy". Simon said something like "Thanks Guys" & started strutting around the stage, which was hilarious, & you seemed to still be laughing well into the next song. Did Simon know you were going to play that? Is there a story behind it? Thanx, Rachel

Ps - love the DD tattoo on your right arm - I now have a small replica of it on my foot!

"Well it was Lord Andrew that started to play 'Sexy'.. I don't think he planned it, it just came into his head.. .Simon's response to it cracked me up, he just looked at us laughing and said 'Fuck off!!" but with a smile on his face. We always had a good time at the band intro section, I mean you have to, you cannot take yourself too seriously at that point...JT"