arena CD

Hi Katy, since the ARENA CD is to be released soon, I would like to inquire whether there has been a change in the mix already relating to the audio of the crowd. Since the CD was released back in mid-eighties, the usual comment on the cd is you can barely hear the audience and then the songs were stopped abruptly, which leaves the fans feeling that they have not heard a PROPER live album (with some words between songs, "good evening Oakland!!!, introductions, and outro yells etc). Was this concern taken cared of? or we will just get a couple of additional tracks with the same treatment of ALMOST a studio track? Roger

FROM EMI: "To go back and amend such things as audience noise etc would be outside the remit of this project as a remaster, however if ever the opportunity comes to remix the tapes and produced a real live album then I'm sure these issues will be addressed. Fans have to understand that the audience noise may well be absent, or low in the mix, for a very good reason."