andy's homecoming

This is for Andy - and I know it may be a bit late to ask, but Andy, what did it feel like to play in Newcastle with Duran Duran after all those years? Was it a homecoming for you?? You're the best Andy, so glad you're back! Chloe

"I haven't been on stage in Newcastle for about as long as I can remember, at least 10 years, maybe even longer. How did it feel??? Well after driving past the venue for many years thinking "wouldn't that be nice to play to so many people in Newcastle," and it was. Its great for family and old friends to see the band again, and as I looked out over the audience I just felt immensely proud.

No matter how many times you travel the globe your own people are always a benchmark and the audience took the roof off, brought a tear to my eye. Andy T. "