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Question for Nick I was wondering if you'd ever read Brian Eno's diaries from '95 "A year of swollen appendices" written at a time when he was working with U2 on the Passengers album & James on their album of the time. Given all what you've been up to lately with the Dandy's & the 'Ran would you ever consider doin something similar if the proposition was made? The Eno book was a very interesting read! Kevin

“Actually, I have not read Eno’s book but I do admire much of the work he has done. So, I am sure, it is a fascinating read. I suppose one of the reasons I have not read it is that I simply have not had time due to all my other projects! However, I have been asked, several times recently, to write a book. I would very much like to do this, but as with everything else, it is matter of time. NR”

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