working with the dandys

Hello! I'd love to ask Nick what his experience has been like working with the Dandy Warhols? I am a Brit living in Portland U.S the home of the dandys and a big Duran/james angell/dandy fan.I'd love to know how you got involved with the Dandys and I'd like to say that I couldn't think of a better collaborator!!! Thanks, neil

"Well I spoke to Courtney on the telephone and he sent me their demos. Initially I started working on one song called "The Last High," which they ended up really liking so we moved on from there. Courtney and Brent came over to London where we worked together on most of the tracks for the rest of the album. They then returned to Portland and I fiddled and twiddled until they were ready to mix.

It is somewhat of a departure for them, sound-wise, but I like it, they like it, hope you do too.NR"