why aren't all the videos on the new DVD?

Ask Katy

Katy, I have truly loved Duran Duran's music, imagery, and videos from the first time I ever heard/saw them. I am greatly saddened that they are not releasing/ including the the rest of those early videos in this supposed "complete collection" . I have always loved the videos for Careless memories and My own way in addition to the ones that were on their original video collection back in the eighties.I know the band didnt care for the Careless Memories video ( I do not know what they thought of the rest) but cmon this is 2003 if they arent released now they will probably never ever be released on DVD or any other digital format. I know Duran Duran appreciate their legions of fans but tell them that are a few of us real fans that loved ALL that great early video material and if they are truly releasing this "complete collection" truly make it complete and include ALL the videos from that great early true Duran Duran lineup.

I look forward to hearing the new songs from Duran Duran. Please send this email to Capital Records if they are the ones behind not including all the videos on this DVD compilation or Please let the DD guys know their fans really want all their early video material to be included in this forthcoming DVD release. Duranfan81

THANKS FOR YOUR EMAIL. WE HAVE GOTTEN THIS QUESTION A LOT LATELY, SO I THOUGHT EMI COULD ANSWER IT FOR US ONCE AND FOR ALL: "At no stage was this DVD ever meant to be complete or publicised as such. Under a contractual agreement with the band we (EMI/Capitol) were entitled to release a DVD version of the Greatest VHS and that is what we have done with a fair few extras that didn't contravene that agreement. When the fans get their DVD's and see those extras I think they'll be pleased with their purchase. Fear not fans, there will be more Duran DVD releases in the near future and beyond. We intended to post how to find those hidden extras on the band's site the week of release."