we need you

Katy, I was wondering if the song "We Need You" was written during the sessions for the Notorious album. It is such a different sounding song than anything on Notorious. Perhaps one of the group members could explain exactly how that song came about, and perhaps why it didn't make it onto the album. Thanks. Scott

"'We Need You' was a late night 'moment' while taking a break from the 'Notorious' album at Air studios in London. the guitar riff (for want of a better word) was mine, i forget where the title phrase came from, it was an easy match to the music, and LeBon filled in the dots pretty darn quick. We were all aware of the similarities to the Rolling Stones' 'We Love You'.

The Notorious album was a tough one to make, with Nick, Simon and myself sort of making it up as we went along, trying to reinvent the band without Roger, and not knowing at if Andy was going to stay with us. Steve Ferrone helped out at first, then Nile later. (Warren's audition was 'American Science'.) But 'We Need You' is just the three of us, which makes it perhaps the purest song of that season. JT"