wasp and hornet

Ask Katy

Hi Katy! Still looking for info on this since I'm running the only EDP-site there ison the net. I've heard rumours that Nick (my all-time favourite DD-dude BTW)owns the only existing EDP Hornet synthesizer on this planet (theprototype). I'd love to get this confirmed...I've mailed before and tries to stay updated on the site, but if you havemade him answer it before - please let me know what he said. And if not -make him answer! 😉 electronically yours, jesper

"Hi there Jesper. The first synth I ever owned was an EDP WASP. Sadly, somewhere along the road, it vanished. Some years later, I was able to purchase a special customised WASP and SPIDER sequencer, which are built in to the same unit. I actually used it extensively on the DEVILS album, "Dark Circles." It also appears on several later Duran Duran songs. However, I do not own the HORNET, so if you find out who does, let me know and perhaps we can go voer and play with it! NR"