the future of 12" and tour songs

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, could you see if you can get Nick to answer this question?

A question for Nick: Duran Duran were known for producing high quality night versions, extended remixes and 12" EP during the 80s early 90s. Will the newly re-born DD maintain this outstanding legacy of complimentary music for fans to collect? Will we see modern versions of classics such as the Carnival project with the new material? Go-on, go-on, go-on, go-on, go-on!

Another question for the band collectively: I remember a very successful Elvis Costello tour where a wheel of fortune was used to select the songs for the evening. While I can't see the WoF making an entrance on stage with DD, would you considered playing some of your back catalogue live - such as Tel Aviv - Secret October - Anyone Out There - Sound of Thunder and dare I say it, Shadows on Your Side - My Own Way? Welcome back.

Best the all, David

"Well, times they have changed. And they 12" just ain't what it used to be. Actually for the 1st time in some 20 years we all discussed what we might consider doing for remixes/extended versions of new songs. As ever, with Duran Duran, the resolution was somewhat chaotic and changeable. Where we all agree is that we should make the decision based upon the track and the potential to develop extended versions accordingly.

I am familiar with the Elvis Costello "Wheel O Fortune." And truly believe that it was somewhat innovative. We could do this if there was a significant demand for such a service. However, a have to say, it is rather more fun for us to scream at each other and throw the food around in the dressing room for ten minutes before we go on stage in order to determine what we are going to play.

Over the coming months, we are planning on extending our repertoire so that we have even more choice/confusion and then we will really be able to vary the show considerably every night, which is our desire (despite argument). NR"