Ask Katy

Dear Nick, First of all, it was extremely exciting to be at the Webster Hall. Thank you for the great time!

My questions today are regarding soundtracks. Duran Duran songs have been in different movies like James Bond, Tequila Sunrise, The Saint... Is there any difference working on a song that will become a movie soundtrack instead of one for an album? Is there any particular or additional inspirations for the soundtrack ones? Such as?

I hope to see you guys back soon in NYC!LOVE/Alberto

"Well if you are writing specifically for a film, as we did for the James Bond movie "A View to a Kill," then you certainly craft the song to fit with the mood and content of the movie. However, as is often the case, the people making movies, Directors/Producers/Music Supervisors, either want to use a very specific track that already exists, which then becomes a simple case of licensing. Artists or labels on many occasions turn down these opportunities if they feel the match isn't inappropriate - but sometimes it can also really work well. NR"