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Ask Katy

What was it like playing the forum last night? Andy seemed quite emotional as he left the stage.

Secondly, are the new songs complete or are they being tried out live prior to final recording? Last night I noticed WHT seemed to have a rocker edge than previous live performance or even the one being circulated on the net.

"YES...emotional, elated & ecstatic... sometimes these type of shows are nerve racking, too much media & hype, but I can truly say that it was the best show ever, no shit, ever...WHT is a little different as it progresses, and I the version on the net was the 1st demo, so it has moved on a lot from there, & if there was a bit more UP to it on Tuesday then that's probably down to the most exceptional audience we have ever played to.

It was a turning point, I know all the band feel the same, thank you for all the loyalty & support, we never knew you cared so much...AT "