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KATY, I was wondering a question relating to something Nick said on the q-awards clip. He was talking about the music that influences the various musical sounds that Duran Duran has used and he mentioned that there are some really good things going on, on the British airwaves. I have a new feature on my computer where I can listen to various radio stations from around the world, is there anyway I could find out what kinds of radio stations the guys may listen to so I can hear what they are talking about? I think it would be really interesting to hear music they like and then to listen to their new work and see how it all goes together since DD is known for trying different things out to make such a unique sound. I really respect them for in many ways, being one of the founders of that kind of creativity. thanks, and many wishes of success! "angelwing5"

“If I am feeling introverted and indie, then I listen to XFM. If I am feeling extroverted and trendy, I listen to KISS (both in the UK). Too many others – in other cities and countries - to mention. NR”