programming synth noises

Ask Katy

Nick,You said in an interview in a Keyboard magazine justafter TWA in 1993 that you create all of your synthnoises yourself, never using presets. I programme aYamaha AN1-X when I can, although this is not assophisticated as the Kurzweil etc. My question is,have you ever "lost" a noise, especially before a tourwhen trying to get together all the particular synthsounds for the older songs? Have you ever had to goback to the master tapes to resample something that itis no longer practical to use from its originalsource? Secondly, has the synth ever crashed at acrucial moment of sound creation? The latter hashappened to me, and it is extremely irritating, as Iam sure you can imagine. Looking forward to the new album, all the best, Gwyn(currently in Austria).

"Gwyn, I can assure you are not alone in your exasperation. Unfortunately, I favor old, unstable , analogue synths to the modern digital option. Therefore, not only were many of the sounds on many of our albums created by these monsters, some of them are virtually unrepeatable. So I have been through the spectrum of trying to re-create what I played with the same Synth and indeed woth other synths - and occasionally it is now easier re-sample the original. Having said this, I do think the beauty of analogue synths is often that the wild sounds they are able to create cannot be copied.NR"