Ask Katy

Hi Katy, Firstly a compliment to the band - wow what a song - I heard Sunrise for the first time last night and I can't get it out of my head! I absolutely LOVE it!!! It has the feel of the Duran songs we all know and love but still a modern touch to it. It's funny because my favourite Powderfinger song at the moment is called Sunsets!

So I have a few questions for the boys. Is Sunrise on the setlist for Brisbane or Enmore in Sydney? Because I know I'm going to just go crazy if I get to hear it live!

And secondly, do they know of the Australian band called Powderfinger? They did a great version of The Chauffeur on Duran Duran Undone and they're also my second favourite band in the world! Bernard Fanning (the lead singer) has
said a few times that Duran were the first concert he ever went to at Festival Hall in Brisbane in the 80's. Powderfinger are actually touring Sydney the same weekend as Duran Duran. They're at the Entertainment Centre on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th. I was able to swap my Friday night ticket
with another PF fan for a Saturday night ticket so that I could get my VIP ticket to the Enmore to see Duran (which means I'll be missing them at Robbie - but happy to not miss PF) - have to share the fan love around lol.

I'm so excited that it's just about to happen. Would love to hear your thoughts boys. Maria

"That's good to hear. I understand that they are one of the most successful Aussie bands right now- I'll check them out.

Don't know if 'Sunrise' will be on the setlist. It certainly won't be on the Robbie shows, but possibly when we do our own shows. Either way we will be playing some new material if not that particular one, so I'm sure you'll hear something new you like.

There is a version of 'Sunrise' on an upcoming album release- the soundtrack for the TV series 'Queer Eye For The Straight Guy', which EMI are releasing in February. It's a techno remix by Jason Nevins which is a little different from our live version, but it's very exciting. Look out for it.