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Ask Katy

Dear katy This question is for Simon or Nick. "Out of my mind" is one of my all time favorite DD songs and video. I love the whole artistic approach to this video. I am wondering two things: 1) Who was behind the concept of the video and 2) Did you guys take inspiration from the old silent film "Cassenova"? I believe that movie also had woman in 18th century garb and wigs with the black make-up around the eyes? You guys are the best band ever!!! John F.

"Hi John, the video scripting was done by the director, who took his inspiration from the lyric & sound of the song. It is just a simple costume/ghost story set in eastern europe long ago really. i am afraid to say i haven't the silent version of CASSANOVA but could certainly recommend Frederico Fellini's film of the same name. NR"