ok then, shortest song!

Ask Katy

Hi Katy...Nick told us what song took the band the longest to do, so we want to know which song took the shortest amount of time to complete. Thanks, Milt

“To my memory, the fastest song would really be “Secret Oktober.” It was written, recorded and mixed over an 18 hour period in Sydney. Because we were putting out “Union of the Snake” as the first single from the third album, and did not have a B Side, we simply had 24 hours in which to produce one. So Simon and I stayed up all night together with Producer Alex Sadkin and created “Secret Oktober.” Of our other songs, “Hungry Like the Wolf” came together the quickest – I started it in the morning with a sequencer. As each band member arrived through the day, the song was built and by the evening it was pretty much complete. That was, of course, a demo though, recorded at EMI Studios in London. We re-recorded it for the RIO album some months later. NR”